Skiathos town Harbour


If you want to be in the thick of it, then Skiathos Town is the prefect location for you. Skiathos Town is the main hub of activity on the island. You will find a high concentration of restaurants to cater for all your needs. If you need a quick snack then you are never far away from a Gyros stall or eatery. In the evenings you will find some of the best restaurants on the island. I highly recommend you check out 1901. If you head down to the harbour there are many bars of the front serving beers, wines and cocktails.


The harbour is the place to go if you are looking to explore the island. You can find all manner of days from island hopping across to Skopelos, a round the island day trip taking you to Lalaria beach, a picturesque pebble beach only accessible by boat, and the old city of Kastro.


Skiathos is also home to an open air cinema where you can take in a film with drinks under the stars. If you are a fan of Mamma Mia I highly recommend trying to see it in the open air cinema. Also in the centre is the Papadiamantis Museum. The museum is the House of the most famous son of Skiathos, Alexandros Papadiamantis.


Skiathos Town is also the shopping centre of Skiathos. You can buy some great items such as handbags, t-shirts, jewellery and traditional Greek wares. It is worth setting out a day to just lose your self in the maze of the streets and just see what you find.


If you want to get out of Skiathos Town for the day, you have many options. You have the day trips from the new harbour, or from the old harbour you can get a water taxi to Achladies or Koukounaries. You also have the option of the bus service. The main bus route goes right across the south of the island to Koukounaries, stopping at 26 stops in total. Pretty much all these stops take you to a beach.


Skiathos Town is a great place to choose for your holiday if you are looking for a livelier resort. At the same time you don’t have to miss out on the beaches as it s so easy to get around the island


You can find a selection of the hotels in Skiathos Town here .

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