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How safe is Skiathos ?

    One question I seem to see asked frequently is “how safe is Skiathos” . It really all depends on what you mean by this question. I will go through a few of top concerns and risks when staying on the island of Skiathos.    Crime In Skiathos  …

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Skiathos – Why book your holiday

  When you are planning a holiday you are inundated with possible destinations for your trip. You first need to consider what sort of holiday you are looking for. Do you want a romantic break with your partner? Are you looking for a family holiday? A place for you and…

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  Koukounaries is the most famed beach on Skiathos. It is regularly voted among the best beaches in the world. A crescent beach stretching its golden sands for a kilometre down the crystal blue water, with a lagoon sitting just behind the lines of pine trees. For this reason the…

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