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How safe is Skiathos ?

  One question I seem to see asked frequently is “how safe is Skiathos” . It really all depends on what you mean by this question. I will go through a few of top concerns and risks when staying on the island of Skiathos.    Crime In Skiathos   Skiathos…

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Skiathos Climate / Skiathos Weather

Skiathos Weather   Skiathos is a beautiful island no matter what time of the year you choose to travel. The holiday season generally starts the first Friday of may for charter flights from the UK. Flights are then easy to come by right up to October. The four months between…

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About Love Skiathos

Since you have been you nice enough to visit and follow this website, I wanted to give you a little bit of background as to why I set up the website and what the goal is.   I first visited Skiathos in 2012. A big reason that we decided to…

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Skiathos is a beautiful island in the Northern Sporades in Greece. It is just a speck of an island measuring 7 miles by 4 miles just off the mainland near Volos. It was made famous, firstly by the Author Alexandros Papadiamantis and then by the movie Mamma Mia!. It was always been popular tourist destination, but in recent years its popularity has grown.

The island is a stunning mix of new more cosmopolitan bars and restaurants and the typical old style Greek family run Tavernas. It has always become a home to the rich and famous who often moor up their multi-million pound yachts  to soak up the atmosphere of Skiathos Town

The first time I visited Skiathos I found it hard to find all the information i wanted to know. I found myself needing to many different websites for simple information. I hope to change that with . My goal is to create the most complete resource for tourists looking to visit the island.

What you will find on Love Skiathos

On this website, we are looking to compile a complete guide to the island. This will include the best places to stay, the must see’s and have to do’s. Above and beyond this travel advice such as what to do in an emergency or what food to expect to find around the Island. In addition we want to share a flavour of life on the island.

We also want you to be able to have your say. Do you have a business on the island? Have you been to Skiathos and want to contribute to the website? Find your way over to our contact us page and see how you can help us to build the ultimate guide to this amazing island

I hope you find this website useful in planning your holiday to Skiathos.