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When you are planning a holiday you are inundated with possible destinations for your trip. You first need to consider what sort of holiday you are looking for. Do you want a romantic break with your partner? Are you looking for a family holiday? A place for you and your friends to hang out? Or are you just looking for a a beach holiday? The beautiful island of Skiathos can be all of these things. Keep reading to find out more.


A Romantic Break in Skiathos


There can be no denying how beautiful an island Skiathos is. It lends itself perfectly to a holiday with that someone special in your life. You can spend your day relaxing on the beach, going out on boat trips or by taking a picnic and just heading off where ever the mood takes you. Another great idea for couples is to explore the ocean floor together with some snorkelling. In the evening you can sample some of the best food the Mediterranean has to offer. The sea food is out of this world as it is fresh from the Med and there is so much choice when it comes to romantic meals. Try the Paradise taverna in Achladies or 1901 in Skiathos Town.


The perfect hotels for a romantic holiday in Skiathos are the Bourtzi Boutique in Skiathos Town, The Princess Hotel or the Palace Hotel in Koukounaries Bay.


The sun sets over the Skiathos Palace Hotel
The sun sets over the Skiathos Palace Hotel


Family Holidays in Skiathos


People tend to think it is easy to find a good holiday location for a family holiday. It just simply isn’t the case. You need to consider many things such as the safety of your young ones as well as making sure there is enough for them to and that the restaurants and hotels cater for children. The island is very safe. You only have to spend an afternoon walking around to feel the calm vibe of a family friendly destination. Most restaurants offer child options and plenty of choice for the fussy eaters and hotels tend to be equipped for children of all ages. All kids love a good beach, and in Skiathos there is no shortage of options with over 60 to choose from. Most hotels and apartments also have child friendly pools so they can cool off after a long day playing.


For a family holiday try The Filokalia in Achladies or The Esperides in Achladies. Achladies is a great family location as you are out of the way of the busier Skiathos Town but have fantastic transport to get around the island. The beach at Achladies is beautiful and has a water sports centre for older children or the adult who is young at heart.




 A Mates break in Skiathos


If you and your friends are planning a holiday to Skiathos then you need to make the decision of either Skiathos Town, to be in the centre of everything, or Koukounaries for the beach parties. If you are looking to shop the days and party the nights then Skiathos Town would be perfect for you. With the great transport on Skiathos coupled with it being a relatively small island it is easy to travel around if you want a day on the beach or to check out Koukounaries.


Koukounaries on the other hand has a fantastic beach itself as well as being in a good location to get to Banana Beach. If you don’t already know about banana beach then the picture below speaks a thousand words.


The Party Centre of Skiathos is Banana Beach
The Party Centre of Skiathos is Banana Beach

Skiathos for a Beach Holiday


There are between 60-70 beaches on Skiathos, most of which are blue flag beaches. The beaches in Skiathos for the most part are easily accessible and you could visit a lot of these in one trip. My stand out favourite is Lalaria Beach which is on the North of the island and only accessible by boat. This pebble beach has some of the clearest waters on the island and is worth the effort to get to it. You can find out more in our post here. My other favourite is also to the north of the island, the beach under Kastro. Kastro has some of the finest views in all the island. Take a walk up to the old town and stare down in amazement at the beauty of the island.


The south of the island also has some great beaches such as Koukounaries and Achladies. There is a bus which runs all the way down the south of the island with beaches where ever you stop. Pick a number, jump off and head to the beach. You will not be disappointed which ever stop you choose.


The old town of Kastro has some of the most beautiful views of Skiathos from its high vantage point
The old town of Kastro has some of the most beautiful views of Skiathos from its high vantage point


So there you have it. No matter what sort of holiday you are looking for, you can not rule out the small island of Skiathos. It may only be a speck in the Mediterranean but it has something for everyone.

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