When I travel there are a few items that I find make a holiday easier and more enjoyable. Here are just a few.


Tablet or Ereader


As much as people love to travel, most people don’t like the travelling part. Anything that can be used as a distraction whilst travelling to your final destination would make a great gift. A tablet does have the advantage of apps and possible internet access, but an Ereader can last a lot longer between charges. Personally, I prefer an E-reader full of my favourite books when I travel.

Charger For Gadgets


We have all been there. You are travelling with your friends or family and everyone wants to charge their electronics at the same time. Two or three plug sockets in the hotel and 2 phones , 2 tablets, a few Ipods, an reader and camera to charge. It doesn’t add up. You dont want to wait for one lot to finish to start the next it will take ages.

The Anker PowerPort 6  not only allow you to charge 6 USB charged at the same time but is a quick charger so will charge all your tech in super fast time. I highly recommend this for any travels.


Travel Speaker


Everyone has a different taste in music, but one thing is for sure, everyone does love music. How about a Bluetooth, splash resistant speaker with a 12 hour battery life whihc takes just 3 hours to recharge? The Omaker Speaker is a great travel companion easily syncing to a phone or Bluetooth enable music player.



Laptop/Messenger Bag


This is a must and a great piece of advise for all travellers. In addition to your hold luggage and hand luggage you can have a second item of carry on luggage. Women, you often have a hand bag. I would advise men to carry an additional messenger bag. There are so many advantages to this. Firstly, more space to pack. Secondly, keep your electrical items that you have to remove from your hand luggage at the scanners easily accessible i.e laptops or tablets, and thirdly it can double up as a bag whilst your out and about on your holiday. WIN WIN WIN. Amazon has a huge selection of bags at a reasonable price.



Enough said, this only makes it on to the list as on my last trip to Skiathos the Studios i stayed in didn’t have one!!! Luckily my very nice neighbours did. 🙂

Be prepared for an emergency, take a Corkscrew