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How safe is Skiathos ?

  One question I seem to see asked frequently is "how safe is Skiathos" . It really all depends on what you mean by this question. I will go through…
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Skiathos Emergency Polyclinic

  The Skiathos Emergency Polyclinic is a private health clinic in Skiathos Town. It offers all sorts of treatments to locals and tourists. On my first trip to Skiathos we…
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Skiathos – Why book your holiday

When you are planning a holiday you are inundated with possible destinations for your trip. You also need to consider what sort of holiday you are looking for. Do you…
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The History of Skiathos

¬†Ancient History Skiathos, despite being a small island, has a rich and eventful history. Skiathos has always been the name of the Island. Skia is Greek for 'great shadow' referring…
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Greek Coffee

  When on any Greek island you are likely to see Greek Coffee on the menu. Don't be fooled into thinking it is just a blend of Greek coffee it…
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South Route -Skiathos Bus Stops

One of the big things to know when you are visiting Skiathos is the bus stops and where they will take you. The south route bus will take you to…
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