Skiathos Emergency Polyclinic

Skiathos Emergeny Polyclinic


The Skiathos Emergency Polyclinic is a private health clinic in Skiathos Town. It offers all sorts of treatments to locals and tourists. On my first trip to Skiathos we needed to get health care treatment and I wanted to share the story so if you are looking at a holiday to Skiathos and need medical help, you know you have somewhere to turn.


We booked our first trip to Skiathos well in advance through Olympic Holidays, I think it was around 8 months before the date we were due to travel. A few weeks before we had some great news, my wife was expecting a baby. We had the ok to travel so the holiday went along as planned.


As you can imagine, her sickness kicked in pretty much a day before we set off. It made the first few days of the holiday a little subdued but we still had fun. The plan all along was to take it easy for the first few days and do our day trips towards the middle of the holiday. We stayed at the Filokalia Studios and Shellina was fantastic. She was cooking all of wife’s cravings when ever she fancied them. She could have not been more caring or attentive.


Then my worst fears were realised. My wife was getting more sickness and wasn’t able to keep anything down. This coupled with the pains she was now having we had to seek medical attention. Shellina recommended The Skiathos Emergency Polyclinic, as although we where carrying our EHIC, the waiting time at the centre that took these would be horrific. We took her advice, jumped on the taxi boat to Skiathos Town.


We arrived at the centre gave a few details, the desk called our insurance company and we were seen in around 45 mins. The doctor was fantastic, our concerns led him to do a scan of the baby. What we didn’t realise was that the centre had the only scanner on the island that could also pick up the heart beat of our baby. At the time my wife was around 8 weeks, so 4 weeks before the first scan in the UK.


We came away from the clinic in less than an hour with a prescription for some sachets of powder to keep her hydrated, a photo of our baby and a memory that would last forever. What surprised me the most is the price. When I think private health care and scans, i think expense. For her treatment, scan picture and the advice of the doctor it was in total 150 Euros.


For what the centre gave us that day, I can not thank them enough. If need any medical advice on your holiday, and i really hope you don’t, I would recommend them to anyone. If you have had the same sort of experience please feel free to comment below.

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