Skiathos Dog Shelter

Skiathos dog Shelter


The Skiathos Dog Shelter is a charitable organisation set up to look after the stray dogs of the island. Like most Greek Islands, Skiathos used to have a serious problem with stray dogs. As they were so numerous, they started to form packs which concerned the locals of the island. A few residence got together and set up the shelter in 1995. Their aim was to reduce the number of stray dogs, to give the dogs a better life and to re-home the dogs to give them a second chance at a happy life. They are more concerned with the welfare of the dogs than finding them new homes and will not re-home a dog to someone who will just chain them up as protection. It is common for visitors to adopt the dogs that the shelter look after.


The dog shelter is not cheap or easy to run. They do accept donations and also run quizzes to help to raise money toward the overheads of the shelter. However, its not the only way you can help. Every year many tourists dedicate some time to help with jobs around the shelter. This can be anything from helping with feeding time, help to build shelters or simply just taking a dog out for a walk. Depending on your skills you may be able to help with a number of jobs. There have even been families all over the world who have adopted a dog from the shelter. In addition to this, they now offer a virtual adoption where for a small monthly donation they will send regular updates on the progress of the adopted dog along with photos.


The best way to get to the shelter is to drive. If you have rented a car then you will have no issues. if not then it is advisable that you get a taxi, all the drivers on the island will know exactly how to get there so it wont be an issue. You can walk from the bus stop in Troulos but it is a long walk and could take up to an hour. If you are interested in dog walking, you can do this between 9 am and 1 pm. If you do choose to do this please feel free to take some dog food or a small donation to help with the running of the shelter. The fund raising quizzes are held at the Iguana bar in Aghia Paraskevi.


Skiathos Dog Shelter


If you are interested please visit the shelters website for more information or follow them on facebook for regular updates.

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