Its not often that I get to write a post about my experiences, but the ‘around the island’ boat trip is something that I must share. I have touched on the trip a little in the posts about Lalaria and Kastro, but this will be a little more in depth. I am sorry if you have already read those posts as some of this may seem repetitive.


How to Book the Trip


The trip can be booked in a few ways. Firstly, if you have booked your holiday through Olympic Holidays, which I recommend, you can have a word with the rep and they will be able to organise it for you. The trip through Olympic Holidays includes transport from your accommodation to the harbour. The other way is to make your way down the the harbour and book your trip from there. If you are going to take this option then I advise you to book it a day or two before you plan on going and to talk to few of the boat trip reps to find out exactly what route they take.


The Trip


I am not sure of the name of the boat I went on but the trip started by going counter-clockwise around the island. Some of the trips go clockwise around so it is worth checking this when you book. The boat hugs the coast as you make your way up towards Lalaria Beach, which will be our first stop. It is worth keeping an eye on the coast as you come around as some of the views are spectacular.


It doesn’s take long to reach the first stop at Lalaria Beach, which is one of my favourite places on the island. It is an enclosed pebble beach which can only be reached by boat. It is possibly the most famous beach on the island. You will spend around an hour here before you move on. It will give you enough time to have a dip in the water, a walk from end to end and a good look at the famous arch. The picture below is one that I took. As you can see the beach at this time was busy as four trips arrived at the same time. It doesn’t take anything away from its beauty.




As beautiful as Lalaria is, the pebbles are not nice to walk on, especially in the water so it would be a good idea to have sensible foot wear such as Aqua Shoes.


You wont be on the boat too long before you hit your next stop which is Kastro. On the beach at Kastro there is a taverna where you can get a drink or a light snack. From what I saw the drinks here were expensive. (TIP We had froze a large bottle of water the night before which was melting to give us cold water all day) However, the trip that we were on was scheduled to make another stop after this one at a restaurant.


The trip spends a lot more time at Kastro, and to be honest it needs to. The walk up is not the easiest so make sure you take your time and stay safe. Again, I recommend sensible footwear such as Hiking shoes. I Made the mistake of not being prepared for this walk. As you climb up the hills to Kastro it is well worth a look back every now and then as the views are beautiful.


The old town of Kastro has amazing views from its high vantage point.
The old town of Kastro has amazing views from its high vantage point.


After a look around the the old town of Kastro, please visit this page for more information, you will have time to make your descent and spend a little time on the beach. Not far from the Taverna, you can see in the picture above, is a shower. This is perfect for getting some of the sweat off you.


I loved Kastro and is my favourite Beach on the island, but I am a sucker for history.


After getting back on the boats, keep your camera handy as you will soon find yourself next to some picturesque caves. 


Kastro Coast



For this part of the trip you stay on the boat for a while, all the way across the top of the island, passed Megali Aselinos and Mandraki then heading toward the mainland. We arrived in a tranquil paradise. It is quaint little village. On the beach front was the Cafe Snack Bar Avra which was where we were stopping for lunch and a drink, which if was very reasonably priced. We had enough time to wander around the few shops and spend some time on the beach. I would highly recommend a trip which takes you here. Unfortunately, i do not have any pictures from here but this link will take you to google maps that does.


After getting back on the boat you pick up the round the island tour at Banana Beach at back around to Skiathos town harbour. Again there is plenty of photo opportunities and plenty of yachts to admire in the way.


This has been a pretty long post so thank you for staying with me.

Just so you are prepared for this trip you need to remember:-



Sensible foot ware – Aqua Shoes & Hiking shoes


A good camera


A likely a good Rucksack to carry it all in. I generally always travel with one as my hand luggage


Thank you again for reading.