papadiamantis Museum


Alexandros Papadiamantis was born on the island of  Skiathos in 1851. He grew up on the island but left to attend Athens University, However, he never completed his studies due to financial hardship. He later moved back to the island to continue his writing. He died on the island in 1911 of pneumonia.


Papadiamantis was a novelist, short story writer and poet. He made a living from his short stories and writing articles for newspapers. Most of his works were inspired by the island of Skiathos. His most famous works include The Murderess, a story about a women who lives on Skiathos who takes it upon herself to murder young unmarried women, thinking she is doing the families a favour, and Tales from a Greek Island which is a series of twelve short stories about the reality of life on Skiathos.


Alexandros was well known through out the island but had a reputation as a recluse. He did not keep himself well, often wearing tatty, unwashed clothes and not shaving. His only true care in life was observing the world around him and writing about what he saw.


The House which Alexandros was born in now longer exists, however the house his father built in 1860, that he grew up in and lived in until his death has been turned in to a museum, a tribute to his life’s work. It is located on a side street of the modern Papadiamantis street in Skiathos Town. It shows how he lived his life in humble surroundings. The house has been preserved with his original furniture and his manuscripts on display. It is well worth a visit and cost of entry is very cheap, in the region of 2 Euros.