lalaria beach


The beautiful Lalaria Beach is named after the small white pebbles that line its shore.  It has to be among the most picturesque locations on the island and is only accessible by boat. A great way to see this stunning piece of coast is to do the round the island boat trip which is offered from the harbour of Skiathos Town. By doing this trip you will also get to see the old city of Kastro the same day. If you have booked your holiday through Olympic Holidays you can book the round the island trip through them.


Lalaria Beach


In the picture above, you can see how why this is one of the most famous beaches on the island. However, it also shows how busy it can get. The main problem being that most of the round the island boat trips go around the island clockwise. When I took this photo, there was four separate boat trips dropped within 30 minutes of each other. There is, however, a trip which goes counter clockwise meaning there is far fewer people on Lalaria Beach when you are there. Ask about this trip, you will not be disappointed.


Lalaria Beach, as you can see, is a pebble beach. The water line can be quite painful on your feet as you get in and out of this inviting cool, blue sea so it is worth taking some aqua shoes to protect your feet. It is also worth noting there is very little shade at Lalaria Beach so be sure to take precautions against the sun and drink plenty of water. You need to make this part of your holiday to Skiathos.

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