How safe is Skiathos


One question I seem to see asked frequently is “how safe is Skiathos” . It really all depends on what you mean by this question. I will go through a few of top concerns and risks when staying on the island of Skiathos. 


Crime In Skiathos


Skiathos is a very small island that relies heavily on tourism. There is very little crime on the island. In terms of drunken tourist, again there is nothing to really speak of as it is not that kind of place. The whole island has a relaxed and laid back feeling. In terms of criminal behaviour, you will be as safe as anywhere.


Driving In Skiathos


Renting a car on the island is a great idea. It allows you to fully explore the island at you convenience. The roads down the south of the island are well maintained. If you plan on going to the north of the island to visit Kastro then a four wheel drive car is recommended as the terrain is more off road. As long as you drive safely then you should have no issues.


One thing to be very aware of is scooters. As with a lot of the Greek Islands , scooters are used as everyday transport for many. Stay vigilant and be thoughtful to all road users.


The Sun/Dehydration


Many people like to holiday for the sun. As Skiathos has a refreshing breeze, it is easy to not realise just how hot it is. It is important to keep yourself topped up with sun tan lotion and seek shade if you do start to feel the consequences of the sun. Ensure that you rink plenty, and I don’t just mean Mythos or wine (as tempting as it is). If you are planning a day trip always take water and stay hydrated. A great idea is to freeze a large bottle of water. it will melt during the day meaning you will have a cool refreshing drink all day.




Where you find heat and people you find Mosquitoes. Whilst you can be bitten anywhere on the island, the most notorious place is the lake at Koukounaries. Mosquitoes are always more active at night so ensure you have your mosquito repellent . If you are travelling when pregnant then make sure you choose a repellent without deet. A good option can be found here.


On another note is the Skiathos Bees. They are really big and can hound you when you are eating. I kid you not, I have seen a Skiathos bee tearing lumps off of a chicken leg. However, even though they are a nuisance, I have not heard about anyone getting stung.


The Sea


Where ever there is water you need to be careful. Skiathos is no different. The sea is beautiful and inviting but you always need to make sure you stay safe. I found the water at Lalaria Beach to be a little hard on my feet ankles with it being a pebble beach.


As with all sea side holidays just stay vigilant.