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A Gyros is the Greek equivalent of fast food, and in my opinion a much better option than a burger and fries or pizza. One of the things I like the most about going to Greece is the food and no holiday is complete with a Gyros.


Gyros is a meat dish, normally pork but sometime lamb or chicken will be offered, which has been seasoned with typically salt, pepper, paprika, cumin, garlic powder and oregano. Some restaurants do add other seasoning’s too but are normally their ‘secret ingrediants.  The pork is cooked on a large skew, not unlike a turkish kebab and then cut off to order. It is served inside a large, round pita along with onion, tomato, tzatziki and fries.


A lot of the hotels will have Gyros on their menu, however the meat is normally pan fried as opposed to cooked on the spit. If you take a trip into SkiathosTown you will find many places selling this traditional Greek dish. I highly recommend the little place at the bottom end of Papadiamantis street, Harbour end, it will make you one of the best examples of a Gyros you will find anywhere.


Take my advice, if you are going to Skiathos, get a Gyros in you face, but be prepared to get a bit messy.

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