Get Lost in Skiathos Town

Skiathos Harbour


One of my favourite things to do when I am in Skiathos is to just get lost in Skiathos Town. You could literally spend an entire day wandering the harbour and the streets of the town without running out of places to see, things to do or shops to pay a visit. When you need a little break, you are never far from somewhere to grab a cup of coffee, a beer or something to eat like a Gyros.


Your first stop will most likely be the harbour  as both the bus and water taxi’s drop here. Have wonder along the new harbour to see all the multi million pound boats. Have a chat with some of the trip organisers to plan you trips to Lalaria and Kastro then maybe take a trip over to the Bourtzi.


The Bourtzi in Skiathos Town has some amazing views as well as a great restaurant.


After a bite to eat its time to have a slowly stroll up Papadiamantis Street and explore a few of the shops. You will find all sort of gift ideas as well as some great leather items such as hand bags and wallets. Be sure to stop at either the frozen yogurt shop or ice cream parlour. I highly recommend the watermelon sorbet. Fancy some local history, visit the Papadiamantis Museum. After this it is time to pick a side street and just start walking. You will find all sorts of shops you wouldn’t normally find as well as the quaint houses of the locals. It is truly spectacular. The maze of side street could keep you entertained all day long. Within  the maze is a beautiful church to find as well as the clock tower as featured in Mamma Mia!. If you find the church then you aren’t far from the restaurant 1901 (definitely make time for this).


By this time evening will be approaching so why not take yourself down to the harbour front for cocktails. When I was last in Skiathos there was an extremely talented gent doing caricatures on A3 paper. Mine takes pride of place on my wall. Or maybe you want to carry the evening on, how about the open air cinema? or maybe a foot fish spa? Or maybe just let the world pass you by while enjoying a glass of wine. The possibilities are endless.


The top centre of this picture shows the clock tower used as the post box in Mamma Mia! Will you find it?
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One thought on “Get Lost in Skiathos Town

  1. Although the island is quite mountainous, the hills are not too high and you can climb to most areas quite easily. The island is covered with tracks which provide for idyllic wandering. You can’t really get lost as, if you make your way down to the sea on the south coast, you will eventually come to the road where you can wait for the bus.

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