Charity Policy

When we first set up Love Skiathos, it was a hobby. Lately it has grown and is slowly getting to where we always dreamed it would be. However, with the growth of the website comes added costs. So as most websites do, we have partnered with affiliates. The two that we have chosen to partner with are Olympic Holidays and Thomson Holiday . 


Whilst there other other providers of holidays to Skiathos, I have personally used both of these operators on many occasions and never had a bad experience with them, so I have no issue in recommending them to others. 


The way that these affiliate links work is that you click through them, book your holiday as normal, at no difference in price, but as a result we would earn a commission. This will allow us to continue to grow the website and bring more information about the island to your finger tips. (You can find these link on the right hand side of the site, on any holiday offers we bring to you and at the bottom of this page.) 


At the same time we want to give back to the charities of Skiathos, namely The Skiathos Cat Welfare Association and the Skiathos Dog Shelter. These charities work hard and provide a fantastic service but are both on need of funding. we pledge 10% of all commissions go back to them. what I would love to be able to do is to give both a nice lump sum at the end of the season to help them through the hard winter. Depending on the cost of maintaining the site over the season we may add to the final figure. 


Please consider using our link when you book your holidays and together we can make a difference .


Olympic Holiday link

Thomsons Link  


Thank you for visiting our site and taking your time to read this.