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Skiathos Around the Island Boat Trip

Its not often that I get to write a post about my experiences, but the 'around the island' boat trip is something that I must share. I have touched on…
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Lalaria Beach

  The beautiful Lalaria Beach is named after the small white pebbles that line its shore.  It has to be among the most picturesque locations on the island and is…
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Get Lost in Skiathos Town

  One of my favourite things to do when I am in Skiathos is to just get lost in Skiathos Town. You could literally spend an entire day wandering the…
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Skiathos Dog Shelter

  The Skiathos Dog Shelter is a charitable organisation set up to look after the stray dogs of the island. Like most Greek Islands, Skiathos used to have a serious…
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Skiathos Horse Riding Centre

It may seem strange but I didn't realise until recently that just off bus stop 25, Aghia Eleni, there is a Horse Riding Centre. The centre is open 7 days a…
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Tsougria Island

Tsougria Island is an uninhabited island to the south of Skiathos Town. It does, however, have a beach and taverna for visitors to the island. You can get to Tsougria…
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Koukounaries Beach

Koukounaries Beach is the last stop on the Bus from Skiathos Town. Most visitors to the island would agree that it is one of the best beaches on the island.…
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Skiathos Cats

When I think of Greece there are three things that spring to mind. Sun, Sea and Cats. Skiathos, like most Greek islands, has a big issue with stray cats. The…
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Achladies Beach

  Bus stop 10 on the south bus route will take you to Achladies Beach. Achladies is a nice resort with two supermarkets, a few taverna's and an amazing bakery.  …
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Banana Beach

  The Banana beach in Skiathos consists of 2 parts, Big Banana beach, and you guessed it, Little Banana beach. The two are very different so you don't want to…
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