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Skiathos Books

Act III – A Small Island in the Aegean


In 2001 a successful Hollywood couple, Richard Romanus (known for his role in Mean Streets) & Anthea Sylbert, retired. Upon retirement they decided that life was structured like a movie and wanted their final act to be living out their final dreams. They sold their house, packed up twenty two boxes of the their worldly possession and their dog and headed to Skiathos.


The book tells their very funny story of how they had to navigate Greek bureaucracy and handled their new neighbours, goats. It also delves into to the generosity of the locals and  how they  discovered many things about themselves they had long forgotten.


It is available on Amazon here.


The Murderess


A novel by the Greek author Alexandros Papadiamantis who was born and lived most of his life on the island of Skiathos. His home has been turned into a museum and the island and the main street in Skiathos Town named after him.


The Murderess is dark tale of crime and punishment set on the poor island of Skiathos. One night whilst nursing her sick daughters baby girl, Hadoula comes to the conclusion that there is nothing worse than being born a poor women. Her reaction to this discovery could not have been easily guessed ……


Skiathos Scandals


A very recently released book by Peter Neal. A book that I am looking forward to reading shortly and reviewing fully.


My Favourite Holiday Read


Zorba the Greek


Ok, so i’m cheating here. There is no Skiathos connection to Zorba the Greek. It is actually set in Crete. The book by Nikos Kazantzakis was first published in 1946 and was also adapted to a film in 1964 and play in 1968.


The book follows the narrator as he vows to set aside his obsession with books after some deep reaching parting words from a friend. whilst he is waiting at a port, a man enters who will change his life, his name is Alexis Zorba. After Zorba insist on going with our narrator, they strike up a great friendship in Crete whilst Zorba runs the narrators mine for him.


As the relationship between the two men develops Zorba share’s his life experiences with the protagonist, changing our bookworms outlook on life.


The book is fantastically written, setting the atmosphere, sights and smells of Greece through out. The stories that Zorba tells, whilst some of them now maybe be  a little outdated, inspire you to think about life in a different way. My first paper copy was well and truly warn out so now replaced with an e-book. It is a book I can read time and time again.

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