Banana Beach Skiathos


The Banana beach in Skiathos consists of 2 parts, Big Banana beach, and you guessed it, Little Banana beach. The two are very different so you don’t want to mix up up which one you go too.

Big Banana Beach


Big Banana Beach is a beautiful crescent beach about a kilometre from Koukounaries. It can be reached either by boat or a short walk through the woodland paths from Koukounaries. Big Banana beach has plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas available to rent for around 8 Euros for two. Lining the beach is pines which provide a natural shade should you need it. The beach is sandy with crystal clear waters.


Most of the season the beach is like any other on the island. It has a few tavernas r and snack bars, however, at the high season the beach becomes a favourite for the younger generation travelling to the island. The beach has live DJ’s pumping out the music and drinks flow quickly The Banarama Beach Bar is very popular and holds many events right on the beach. The parties often continue late into the night. Big Banana is also one of the best beaches on the island for water sports. If you are after a party atmosphere and white knuckle excitement, this is the beach for you.


The Party Centre of Skiathos is Banana Beach
The Party Centre of Skiathos is Banana Beach

Little Banana Beach


Little Banana beach is to the south of Big Banana Beach and is smaller in size, obviously. The beach itself is very similar, beautiful sands, clear water and pines for natural shade. It is cut off from the larger beach to the north by some large rocks so is very secluded.


The main difference between the two is that little banana beach has been called home by naturist so it is almost 100% a nude beach.


My Thanks to for the photo of the beach below, luckily taken while the beach was empty.


Little banana beach

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