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Skiathos Around the Island Boat Trip

Its not often that I get to write a post about my experiences, but the 'around the island' boat trip is something that I must share. I have touched on…
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How safe is Skiathos ?

  One question I seem to see asked frequently is "how safe is Skiathos" . It really all depends on what you mean by this question. I will go through…
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Skiathos Emergency Polyclinic

  The Skiathos Emergency Polyclinic is a private health clinic in Skiathos Town. It offers all sorts of treatments to locals and tourists. On my first trip to Skiathos we…
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Lalaria Beach

  The beautiful Lalaria Beach is named after the small white pebbles that line its shore.  It has to be among the most picturesque locations on the island and is…
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Skiathos – Why book your holiday

When you are planning a holiday you are inundated with possible destinations for your trip. You also need to consider what sort of holiday you are looking for. Do you…
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2017 Skiathos Holiday Prices Announced

Photo Source:Michael Clarke I am a little slow on the update but the Holiday price for 2017 have been announced and you can now start booking ready for your 2017 summer holiday to…
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The History of Skiathos

 Ancient History Skiathos, despite being a small island, has a rich and eventful history. Skiathos has always been the name of the Island. Skia is Greek for 'great shadow' referring…
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Get Lost in Skiathos Town

  One of my favourite things to do when I am in Skiathos is to just get lost in Skiathos Town. You could literally spend an entire day wandering the…
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Books with a Skiathos Connection

Act III - A Small Island in the Aegean   In 2001 a successful Hollywood couple, Richard Romanus (known for his role in Mean Streets) & Anthea Sylbert, retired. Upon retirement…
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Lolo Flights route from Bournemouth

  After two months, the route from Bournemouth to Skiathos has been cancelled. Speaking to Paul from LoloFlights they expect the route to back for 2017. So in the…
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